Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Turning 50

Now that I've turned 50, it's not a really big deal I find out. I think back and reflect that when my Dad turned 50, I was already completed by first hitch in the Navy and was home for a brief period of time until I moved on to the next phase of my life (college), only to find out a year later I was getting married and re-enlisting.

I went out and through prompting of several friends and research on the internet decided to go sky diving. I checked out several areas and decided on Adventure Center Sky Diving
in Hollister, California. I never regretted my decision.

I went up there with the intention of doing a solo sky dive after going through the proper ground school. I ended up making a last minute decision not to do this, but go tandem. My instructor allowed me to do a couple of maneuvers more than your average tandem jumper because I had gone through the ground school.

I had a blast though. I rode my motorcycle up there and by far, this has been the longest ride of my motorcycling adventures (a 240 mile round-trip). Here is a couple of pictures from that day.....enjoy

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